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How do I manage my inbox in the Bridge Community?

The Inbox lists your activities, shows direct social actions (shares, @mentions and messages), and features action notifications (e.g. when someone follows you). The Inbox interface is fully interactive in that you can share, reply, and navigate to the content.

Open Inbox

Open Inbox

To access your Inbox, click the Notification icon. You can also navigate to the Inbox using the URL:

View Messages

To view messages and notifications, click the Inbox link.

Manage Inbox

Here are four ways to organize and filter your inbox to easily access messages and notifications.

  • Unread Only [1]: See only the unread updates
  • Mark all read [2]: Mark all updates as read
  • Filter By Type [3]: Filter by @mentions, messages, shares, and notifications
  • Filter By Participant [4]: Type the user's name to filter by a specific user