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How do I search and filter content in the Bridge Community?

By default, when you search for or browse content in the community, you view all content types. However, you can filter the results for more specific results.

Search for Content

There are several ways to search for content: search for all content or search in a specific area.

The global search area pulls all content across all places in the community. This search bar is located next to your avatar and generates dynamic results based on your search terms [1]. If you search from a specific place, the page will display all content, as well as create an option to show content only in the place you are viewing [2].

Browse Content

Browse Content

To browse available content in the community, in the global navigation menu, click the Browse link [1]. You can also view content within any place by clicking the Content link [2].

The content page is divided into two sections: the sidebar [1] and the content area [2]. The sidebar contains any actions you are authorized to perform for the space you are viewing (such as starting a discussion or making a blog post.) It may also show categories. Depending on the place you are viewing, the sidebar may display varied options. The content area shows all listed content. You can view content by thumbnails or a detailed list; switch your view by clicking one of the view icons.

Note: Only when you browse content from the global navigation menu, the sidebar shows all your user content activity in the community, such as content you've authored, drafted, participated in, followed, and recently viewed. You can also view the same content information in the content tab in your profile.

View and Filter Content

In the content area, you can filter content in several ways to create a more specific search.

Filter by Content Type

To filter by a specific content type, click one of the content type links. For instance, to filter for only blog posts, click the Blog Posts link. The search results will show all relevant blog posts.

Note: Not all content types may appear as a filter option.

Filter by Action

The Filter by Action drop-down menu allows you to filter an action applied to the content.

  • marked as final, reserved, official, or outdated: content has been updated according to status
  • has action items: users have associated action items for the content
  • has decisions: not applicable
  • has helpful comments: users have marked content as helpful
  • has resolved actions: actions have been completed by the assignee
  • has successes: not applicable

Filter by Text

To search directly by a specific word or phrase, enter the text in the filter text box.

Filter by Tag

Each content item in the community is associated with a tag to help you locate associated content. To locate a specific tag, click the Filter by tag link [1]. When the text box appears, type to search for existing tags associated with relevant content [2]. To clear your filter, click the Clear link [3].

Note: Tags can be created by all users in the community. Some tags may be variations of other tags, so try searching multiple tags if you cannot find relevant content.

Sort by Date, Latest Activity, or Title

In the Sort by drop-down menu, you can also filter content by date created (oldest or newest first), latest activity (oldest or newest first), or title.