Bridge (en)Bridge Community Guide Create ContentHow do I create a blog post in the Bridge Community?

How do I create a blog post in the Bridge Community?

Blogging is one form of content sharing in the Bridge Community. Posts are meant to share personal experiences with Bridge and offer insights from your unique perspective.

Community members can post content in a Group blog.


Posting content in the Bridge Community is a great way to organize your thoughts and share your expertise.

View Group

All group members can contribute blog posts to members-only groups.

Note: Some private or secret groups may not have the blogging tool enabled.

How do I author a blog post?

On the group's home page section, click the Write a blog post button [1]. Or, in the Actions drop-down menu [2], click the Blog Post link [3].

Add Content

Add Content

You can add the following to your blog post:

  • Banner image [1]
  • Title [2]
  • Blog Post [3]
  • Attachments [4]
  • First letter style [5]
  • Tags [6]
  • Categories [7]

Publish Blog Post

In the Advanced Options settings, you can restrict comments [1] and/or schedule when your blog post is published [2].

To immediately publish your blog post, click the Publish button [3].

If you want save your work and continue writing, click the Save Draft button [4].

To exit without saving, click the Cancel button [5].