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Getting started as an Administrator in ApprenNet

Welcome! Organization Administrators manage all Users, Groups, and Exercises for a particular Organization on ApprenNet. The following Knowledge Base article breaks down how find the Administrator's dashboard and how to navigate key functionality.To locate the Administrator's dashboard, follow these steps:

  • Log in to ApprenNet
  • Select the drop-down menu next to your account name in the top right and choose Org settings:
  • This is the Administrator's dashboard. The right side shows a series of navigational settings.

The following breaks down each section of the Administrator's management tools.


  • Name and include an optional message for your Organization's Users.
  • The message will appear on all User's dashboard and the name will appear in the top left corner of all ApprenNet pages.

Add or Remove Users

An Administrator can add individual Users as well as bulk import Users. The Administrator is the only one who can bulk import Users. To add individual Users, follow these steps:

  • Select Add or Remove Users
  • To add an individual User, include first name, last name, email, and select a role and potentially add the User to a Group
  • Select the green Add User to Organization
  • By selecting Add User to Organization, ApprenNet will send the new User an email alerting them that they have been added to an ApprenNet Group.

To bulk import a group of Users, follow these steps:

  • Once on the Add or Remove Users page, select the gray Add/Remove Users in bulk
  • Download the CSV template.
  • Enter the Users' email, first name, last name, role types, and group ID (you can learn how to find the Group ID in a Knowledge Base article here)
  • Select Choose File and upload CSV
  • After uploading your file, select the green Add and remove Users button
  • At this point, ApprenNet will send the added Users an email asking them to confirm their accounts. Users must confirm their accounts within 7 days of receiving the email. For security reasons, we break links after 7 days.
  • If your Users do not follow their email link within 7 days of receiving the email, please send them a reset password link to confirm their accounts (here is a reset password link: When they follow this link, Users will be prompted to enter their email. ApprenNet will send them a new email to activate their accounts.

Learners - Experts - Reviewers - Organization Admins

The above lists the different Users you can manage from the Administrator's dashboard. From each User page you can do the following:

  • Add Users: Follow the link to add individual Users or bulk import Users
Click Add Learners button
  • Let Users join your Organization by invitation: This section is defaulted to allow any User to join your Organization when an Instructor sends them an invite to join. If you would prefer to closely monitor who joins your Organization's Groups, you can change the default setting to No. No means only existing Users will be able to accept invites to join your Organization's Groups.
Click Invitation Choice radio button
  • Manage Users: This section lists all the Users by a specific type in your Organization. You can search Users here as well as remove or promote Users to other roles here.
View Manage Learners page


This page allows you to monitor all your Organization's Groups from a 36,000 foot view. You can sort by name, creation date, who created the Group, and status (i.e. active or archived). You can also search for specific Groups.


Like the Group page, this page allows you to monitor all your Organization's Exercises from a 36,000 foot view. You can sort by Name, Group, Creation date, who created the Exercise, and Status (i.e. active or archived). You can also search for specific Exercises here.


We measure usage by number of Submissions per Group. To monitor your Organization's usage, visit the Usage page.

To view the Submissions each Group accumulated, click "here" below the graph.

Billing Info

The last section is reserved for billing. At the moment, this section is blank. Please contact your ApprenNet representative to discuss billing for your specific Organization.

Final note: Like Instructors, Administrators can also create Groups and Exercises. When you first log on to ApprenNet as an Administrator, you'll be asked to take a quick virtual tutorial. At the end you'll be asked if you want to take the Instructor tutorial. If you are going to be using ApprenNet as an Instructor (i.e. creating Groups and Exercises), we highly recommend you take this tour. To learn more about being an Instructor on ApprenNet, visit this section of our Knowledge Base: Getting Started as an Instructor.