How do I bulk import Users in ApprenNet?

To add Users (Learners or Instructors) in bulk, first navigate to your Organization Settings page by clicking on the gear in the top left corner next to the name of your Organization.

Next, select Add or Remove Users and then select Add/Remove Users in bulk.

Download a CSV template (located this template from a link on this page)

Enter the Users' email, first name, last name, role types, and group ID (you can learn how to find the Group ID in a Knowledge Base article here)

Select Choose File and upload CSV

After uploading your file, select the green Add and remove Users button

At this point, ApprenNet will send the added Users an email asking them to confirm their accounts and create a password. Users must confirm their accounts within 7 days of receiving the email. For security reasons, we break links after 7 days.

They will then be taken to our log in page and prompted to create a password for their account.

If your Users do not follow their email link within 7 days of receiving the email, please send them a reset password link to confirm their accounts (here is a reset password link: When they follow this link, Users will be prompted to enter their email. ApprenNet will send them a new email to activate their accounts.