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ApprenNet LTI Tool Provider Configuration for Blackboard

This help document covers specific configuration options ApprenNet will need for LTI integration with Blackboard v9 or greater. You can find more information about these configuration options in this Blackboard support document: Basic LTI Tool Providers.

First, navigate to the Tool Providers Global Settings LTI Tool Provider settings:

  1. Visit the Administrator Panel and under Building Blocks, select Building Blocks.
  2. Select Basic LTI Tool Providers.
  3. Select Manage Global Properties.

For the system-wide settings, refer to the Blackboard Basic LTI Tool Providers document. The Feature Availability settings, for example, should be configured based on the needs of your institution.

Here are the configuration options ApprenNet needs for LTI to function:

In the Default Configuration section,

  • Send user Data should be set to  Send user data only over SSL or Send user data over any connection.
  • User Fields to Send must include Role in Course, Name, and Email Address.
  • Send Context Identifiers As can be set as Primary Key, or Batch UID.
  • Show User Acknowledgement Message can be set as Yes or No. This message will be shown to Users when they launch ApprenNet via LTI.

When Registering Provider Domain,

  • The ApprenNet Provider Domain is
  • The Provider Domain Status must be set to Approved.
  • If you are allowing configuration for the entire site using the Set Globally option, you can enter the Tool Provider Key and Tool Provider Secret. If you are leaving the Default Configuration as Set separately for each link,Instructors will need to enter the Tool Provider Key and Tool Provider Secret when they add the ApprenNet LTI link in their course.

Adding ApprenNet LTI Link to a Course

Once ApprenNet is configured as an LTI tool, you can add a Web link to a Tool Provider from inside a course. You can find more information about adding a Tool Provider Web Link in the How to Create a Web Link Blackboard help document. The launch URL for ApprenNet is

When Instructors select this link, a Group will automatically be created for their class. All subsequent Learner launches will enroll the Learners in that Group. Accounts will automatically be created and Users will be signed in based on the User information passed by the LTI link. Contact to learn more about becoming an Approved Authentication Provider.

Note: If a User launching from your LMS already has an ApprenNet account with their institution email address, we will send a verification link to their inbox. Selecting this link will approve their identity within the context of your LTI key and they will be automatically signed in on subsequent launches. This process only happens once.


If you are experiencing problems with your ApprenNet LTI link, you can set up an ApprenNet link with the following launch URL: using your Tool Provider Key and Tool Provider Secret. This link will display debugging information we can use to troubleshoot the problem. You can send this output in a support ticket by selecting Contact Support on our Knowledge Base.