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How to set up gradebook integration for ApprenNet on Blackboard

Gradebook Integration Setup

The following article walks you through the process of setting up gradebook integration for ApprenNet on Blackboard. In order to use gradebook integration, make sure that you have already set up ApprenNet as an LTI Tool Providerand added ApprenNet as an LTI Tool within your Blackboard course. If those two steps have already been completed, you can begin setting up the gradebook integration.

Before you start the process on your end, you will need to work with your ApprenNet Customer Success Representative. If you are unsure of who your Customer Success Representative is, you should reach out to and they will let you know. You will need to tell your CS Rep what grade you would like passed from ApprenNet back to Blackboard:

  • Peer Score: This is the score that is generated during Peer Review. ApprenNet will pass a score back to Blackboard between 0 and 1 (e.g. a score of .7 = 70%). The score from ApprenNet is then translated to a point value, which is dependent on how many points you determine the assignment is worth. For example, if you designate an ApprenNet assignment to be worth 50 points in Blackboard and one of your Learners gets a score of .8 on Peer Review, the point score will be listed as 40 in Blackboard.
    • Note: If the Peer Review stage has no end date on an Exercise these Peer Review scores (and therefore the scores in Blackboard) are subject to change over time. Every time a video is reviewed that video's score will change. To ensure that your Learners will have a final score if using Peer Scoring, set an end date for the Peer Review stage.
  • Instructor Score: This is a score given to each Learner when Instructors evaluate submissions. The scoring methodology is the same for the Peer Score, the instructor score is passed back as a value between 0 and 1 and then translated into points based on the point value of the assignment.

Note: Grade type is set at an Organization level, which means that every Exercise will send back the same score type. You cannot have some Exercises send an Instructor score and some send a Peer Score.

After you receive confirmation from CS Rep that the grade type is set for your Organization you can begin the configuration within Blackboard.

In a course, create a Web Link.

Fill out the fields and settings on the form:

  • Name
  • URL:
  • Check the box for This link is to a Tool Provider
  • Key
  • Secret
  • Custom Parameters (you will fill these in later on in the instructions)
  • Enable Evaluation Set this to Yes
  • Points Possible
  • The remaining fields (visible to students, due date, etc.) can be set up for whatever configuration. These will not impact the gradebook integration.


  • Submit your web link and return back to the content page.
  • Click on the content module to create your Group within ApprenNet
  • Create an Exercise or import an Exercise to your new ApprenNet Group
  • For each Exercise in the Group:

Note the Exercise ID by adding the words "/edit/advanced" to the end of your Exercise URL.

Record the Exercise ID number found at the bottom of this page. If you have made many copies of your Exercise make sure you note the correct Exercise ID. You are looking for the ID next to the text This Exercise.

Return to your Blackboard course page and edit the content module you created earlier.

  • Add the following custom parameters:
    1. resource_lookup_type=EXERCISE_BY_ID
    2. resource_lookup_value=<exercise-id> (make sure you remove the brackets around the Exercise ID when you enter the actual number you pulled from your Exercise page).

As an Instructor, verify the Link works by launching and noting that you are taken directly to the exercise, not the Group page. For each additional Exercise, create a new LTI Link, named for the particulate Exercise. Be sure to add the custom parameters with the Exercise ID for that exercise.

For additional assistance with gradebook integration please reach out to