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Drexel CNHP: Sync your Blackboard and ApprenNet email

Welcome, Drexel CNHP Course Chairs! Follow the steps in this Knowledge Base article before you integrate ApprenNet into each of your Sections.

To ensure a successful integration between Blackboard and ApprenNet, you must first sync your Blackboard and ApprenNet accounts. Blackboard uses your full Drexel email alias. Since most of you did not use that email when initially creating your ApprenNet account, you'll need to take some extra steps.

By way of example, if your name is Jason Blanchard your Drexel email may be, but by default, Blackboard uses your full email alias (i.e. You can find your email alias by signing in to As a result of Blackboard using your full alias, you must manually change your ApprenNet email to make sure your Blackboard and ApprenNet accounts use the same email to properly sync. To do so follow these instructions:

  • Visit and log in
  • Click on your email located in the top right corner of all ApprenNet pages
  • Select Settings from the dropdown menu (see image below)

After selecting Settings, follow these steps:

  • Select Email on the management tool bar
  • Enter your Drexel alias email (i.e. full name email)
  • Select the green Update button (see image below)

Visit your email after going through this process, you will need to verify your account before continuing. To do so, follow the prompts in the email ApprenNet sent you.

*If you need any help changing your email, please feel free to email Jason at He's a pro at integration and helping sort out the email situation.