Step I: Initial Set Up in ApprenNet

Welcome! There are a couple things to know before you get started as an Instructor. First, ApprenNet has three levels of organization: Organizations, Groups, and Exercises. Organizations help your company or school manage all activity on ApprenNet. A Group is our term for a training or course page. An Exercise includes or all of ApprenNet's unique stages: Challenge, Peer Review, Expert Response, and Recap.

As an Instructor, you first create a Group and then add Exercises to your Group. Follow these simple steps to build your first Group and Exercise:

  • Log in to your ApprenNet account.

Select Create a Group (located on the right side of the page).

  • Name your Group (e.g. Training 101 or Nursing 101).
  • Select the green Create Group button.

Select Create an Exercise located under Finish Setting Up Your Group.

Build your Exercise. If it's your first time, we have a virtual tour on the Exercise creation page you can follow to help you get started. You can also follow this Knowledge Base article that walks you through each step of creating an Exercise and provides quick notes on the learning theory behind each part of an Exercise.

Build New Exercise page
  • Return to your Group page (follow the blue breadcrumb links at the top of your page).
  • Select Invite Members and email that link to the Learners you want to join your Group and participate in your Exercises. For more details on this process (i.e. what message you can send and what will your Learners experience) or if you'd like to create accounts for your Learners, see this Knowledge Base article.