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Step III: Inviting Learners in ApprenNet

Now that you have set up your Group and created your first Exercise, you are ready for Learners to join your Group and participate in your Exercise. There are three ways Learners can join your Group:

  1. You ask Learners to join by following your Group link
  2. You add Learners to your Group
  3. You integrate your Group into your Learning Management System

The following outlines how to do each of the above options:

Option 1: You ask Learners to join by following a Group link

  • Visit your Group page
  • Select the blue Invite Learners button
  • Copy the Group link and share it with your Learners
  • Send this suggested email copy with your Group link:

To join our ApprenNet Group, follow these steps:

  • Click on this Group link: [INSERT GROUP LINK]
  • Create an account or log in
  • Select the green Join this Group button


Learners will see the following when the follow the steps above:

  • A Login page where they either log in or create a new account
  • If Learners create a new account, then they will be asked to fill out this form:
Create new account form
  • After creating an account or logging in, Learners will be asked to join your Group. They can do so by selecting the green Join this Group button.
  • After joining your Group, Learners will see any Group message you left and a list of their assigned Exercises.

Option 2: You Add Learners to your Group

If you don't want your Learners to create their own accounts, you can ask your Organization's Administrator to import a CSV document containing your Learner's first name, last name, and email address. The last column of the CSV will include your Group's unique ID so that all the Learners imported to the system will be assigned to your Group. To help your Organization Administrator, you can fill out the CSV with this template. To find your Group ID, follow these steps:

  • Visit your Group page and select the Admin dropdown, then select Manage Group.
  • Under the Settings tab, you'll see a section that shows your Group ID. Insert this ID into the column on the CSV that asks for your Group ID.
  • Share your CSV with your Organization Administrator. Once your Administrator uploads the CSV, your Learners will each receive an email asking them to confirm their ApprenNet account.

The following outlines what Learners will do once they receive an email alerting them that they have been added to an ApprenNet Group:

  • Learners will click on the blue Get Started button in their email.
Click Get Started button
  • Learners choose and set their password.
Enter new password
  • Learners will read and agree to our Terms of Use.
Terms of Use page
  • Learners will see their Group and all assigned Exercises.
View Active Exercises

Option 3: You Integrate your Group into your Learning Management System

If you choose to integrate ApprenNet into your Learning Management System (LMS), you do not need to invite Learners with a Group link or create accounts for them via our bulk import functionality. For more on integration, please visit this section of our Knowledge Base.