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Step IV: Evaluate & Give Feedback in ApprenNet

Now that your Learners are participating in your Exercise, you can evaluate their Submissions. The following article walks you through each step of the Instructor evaluation process.

  • Visit the relevant Exercise and select the blue Evaluate button.
  • The Evaluate page includes the Challenge video and Learner instructions for the evaluator's reference. You can hide these by selecting the blue text underneath the video.
  • The Evaluate page includes a chart with a column including all Submissions to the relevant Exercise as well as a column noting whether or not you evaluated specific Submissions and a column including your evaluation score for each Submission. Using the light blue and gray arrows above each column, you can sort columns.
  • In addition, you can display two additional columns. First, if multiple Instructors are evaluating Submissions in the relevant Exercise, you can display a column that shows the average Instructor score for each Learner. Second, you can display the average Peer Review score.
  • To evaluate each Learner, simply click on each Learner's name. Upon selecting a name, a pop-screen will appear with the Learner's submission and the rubric for you to evaluate the Submission. You can also leave written, time-stamped feedback. You can choose whether to make your written feedback private or public.
  • After evaluating one Submission, you can do the following:
  • First, you can select the Next or Previous buttons. This saves your evaluation and takes you to the next Submission.
  • Second, you can select the Save button. This saves your Submission, but does not advance you to the next Submission.
  • Finally, you can select the X button at the top-right corner of the screen. This will close the screen take you back to the Evaluate page.
  • On each individual Submission you can select the blue View Peer Feedback button. This takes you to a separate tab that shows rubric results and written feedback for that specific Learner.
  • When you are viewing an individual Submission, you can return to the Evaluate page by selecting the X button. Here, you will see which Submissions you evaluated and which Submissions still need to be evaluated.
  • If you would like to see a graphic display of your evaluations and, if relevant, other Instructor evaluations, select the blue Reports button and then select the Instructor Rubric Results button.
  • The Instructor Rubric Results Report displays average Instructor rubric evaluations for entire Group of Learners as well as individual Learners. To return to the Evaluate page, select the blue Evaluate button.