Step V: Monitor & View in ApprenNet

Congratulations! You created a Group, added your first Exercise, invited Learners, and now your Learners are beginning to participate in your Exercise. The following article will help you:

  1. Monitor participation
  2. View Submissions
  3. Provide Group Feedback

1: Monitor Participation

When one of your Learners submits the first response to your first Exercise, we'll send you an email and direct you on how you can find that Submission. In case you miss our email, this is how you can monitor participation:

Visit any Exercise page and select the blue Reports button

  • Here you'll find a series of Reports. For a detailed description of each Report, visit this Knowledge Base article. The Exercise Completion Report is designed to help you monitor participation.
  • The Exercise Completion Report includes a list of all the Learners in your Group. It then identifies which Learners submitted a response by highlighting their names in blue and allowing you to link to that individual's Submission. Further, the Report provides a chart marking which learning stage each individual Learner completed as well as providing overall Group completion rates at the top of the report.

2: View Submissions

The Submissions Report provides an easy way for you to access and view all the Submissions to one Exercise. Follow the steps above to access the Submissions Report or select the blue breadcrumb on all Exercise pages that notes the number of Submissions in a particular Exercise.

Once on the Submission page, simply select a Learner's name to access his or her Submission.

You can then evaluate each Submission individually. To see how you can quickly evaluate Submissions for Exercises with a rubric Peer Review, please see this article.

3: Provide Feedback to the Group

The Recap is an excellent way to provide Group feedback. After Learners have completed all three learning stages, many Instructors use the Recap to provide feedback on the Exercise. There are three ways to do this:


There is a Notes section on the Recap that allows you message your entire Group. To leave notes, visit the relevant Exercise, select Admin dropdown and then select Edit Exercise.

Leave any notes you wish, and then select the green Update Exercise button.

Enter notes

This is what your Learners will see:

Top Reviewed

If you chose to include a leaderboard for your Exercise, you can provide the Top Reviewed Submissions with Instructor feedback.

Any Learner who visits one of the Top Reviewed Submissions can watch the Submission and read your feedback. All Instructors feedback is marked as such. In theory, this indirect feedback should help Learners adapt their own practice.


If there are Submissions you saw and wanted to highlight to the Group but were not included on the Top Reviewed list, you can manually add them to the Recap. To do that, visit the Submission you want to highlight. Select Mark as Featured. You will be prompted to include a reason why this Submission is being featured.

This Submission will now show up on the Recap under the Featured column.

You can feature as many Submission as you like and as with the Top Reviewed, if you leave feedback on that Submission all Learners can read and learn from your feedback.