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How do I add an Exercise to my Group in ApprenNet?

There are two ways you can add an Exercise to a Group. You can do it directly from the Group page or you can assign an Exercise to a Group from the Exercise creation page.

Add an Exercise from the Group

  1. Visit your Group page
  2. Select Create an Exercise (if the first Exercise) or Add a new Exercise under Active Exercises for this Group

At this point you will be taken to the Exercise creation page. The first set-up question asks you to identify a Group for this particular Exercise. If you followed steps 1 & 2, your Group will already be selected.

Select group

Create an Exercise and Add it to a Group

  1. Select the Exercise tab
  2. Select Create an Exercise (located in the upper right corner under your email)
  3. Select Create a new Exercise
  4. You will be asked to answer: Which Group will participate in this Exercise? If your Group is not listed in the options below the question, you can create a Group from this page.

After completing these four steps, your Exercise will be added to the selected Group.