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How do I manage my Group in ApprenNet?

To view and change your Group settings, visit your Group page and select the blue Admin dropdown and then select the second link, Manage Group.

When you select this button, you will find your Group Management page. Here you are given six options:

  1. Settings
  2. Learners
  3. Instructors
  4. Copy
  5. Import Exercises
  6. Delete/Archive

The following outlines each option:

Settings: Here you can update your Group's title as well as the Group message.

Learners: Here you can find the following:

  1. A link to invite Learners to your Group.
  2. A list of all Learners and functionality to manage Learners (i.e. remove members from your Group)
  3. An Advanced Group Management option that allows you to compare outside data with Group data collected on ApprenNet.
Click Learners link

Instructors: Here you can add Instructors to access and manage your Group. To add an Instructor, enter his or her email in this section and select the green Add Instructors button. If the Instructor is new to your Organization on ApprenNet, he or she will receive an email asking him or her to confirm his or her account.

Instructors can edit and manage the Group as well as edit and manage all Exercises within that particular Group. Furthermore, Instructors have access to all Reports.

Copy: Here you can make a copy of your Group. Many of our Users want to reuse a Group they created an carry over all Exercises associated with that Group. For example, a professor who set up a Group page for a Spring course may want to use that Group and its Exercises for a Fall course. The copy option allows that professor to do so. You can learn more about copying Groups in this article. Note: Copying a Group only copies the Exercises, it does not copy any Submissions to the Exercise.

Import Exercises: You can import an Exercise into a new Group directly from the new Group's Management page. If you have existing content in a variety of different Groups that you would like in one new Group, using the Import Exercises function is a useful way to do this.

Delete/Archive: Here you can delete or archive your Group. Deleting a Group permanently erases all settings, Users, and Exercises from the Group. Archiving a Group will keep a copy on your Groups page that is only visible to Instructors. Learners and other Instructors will no longer be able to access your group.