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How can I add a Group message in ApprenNet?

It is helpful to provide Learners with a Group message to explain how ApprenNet Exercises work and share how they can seek technical support if needed. Once you have created a Group, you can add a Group message to it at any time.

Visit your Group and then select the Admin dropdown and then select Manage Group.

Under Settings, you'll see a space for instructions. Type your instructions here.

Here is a suggested Group message:

Welcome! Here you will participate in a series of Exercises. Each Exercise can include all or some of the following learning stages:

  1. Challenge. Watch a video prompt. Practice a response and upload a demonstration of your response via video. Submitting a response unlocks access to Peer Review.
  2. Peer Review. Review other Learners' video Submissions. Reviewing a certain number of your peers unlocks access to Expert Response.
  3. Expert Response. Watch an Expert respond to the Challenge and reflect on your own practice. Watching the Expert Response unlocks access to Recap.
  4. Recap. Read feedback from the Instructor, Experts, and your Peers.

If you have any technical questions, please select the green help button in the bottom right corner of the page to send a ticket to ApprenNet's support team or visit our Knowledge Base. Support times are 9am-8pm ET from M-F.