How do I copy a Group in ApprenNet?

You can copy the Exercises of an entire Group to a new Group. This is helpful for Instructors that utilize the same courses multiple times per year for new cohorts of Learners. When you copy a Group, only the Exercise content is copied, Learners are not transferred to the new Group when a copy is made. To copy a Group, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Group page of the Group you want to copy
  2. Select the Admin dropdown and then select Manage Group
  3. Select the 4th tab, Copy under Group Management
  1. Determine whether to copy your Group to a new Group or copy your Group to a already existing Group. If you are copying to a new Group, select the blue Create a New Group button and enter your Group name. It will then appear in the list of available Groups you can copy to.
  2. Select Copy to Group

You now have a new Group with an old Group's content. Please note that Group membership does not transfer to the new Group, but Exercise dates do transfer to the new Group. Make sure you update the dates on the copied Exercises to ensure that they reflect your new timelines. The Group's message will also transfer. Please edit instructions to reflect the new Group's learning goals.

Would you like to add Instructors to your new Group? To learn how to do that, visit this Knowledge Base article: How do I invite Instructors to my Group?