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How do I archive a Group in ApprenNet?

Once Learners have completed all the Exercises in your Group (often if a semester or training has been completed), you should archive the Group. Archiving a Group allows you to access the Exercises and all of the Submissions from the Group, but it will no longer appear on your Organization's dashboard. Additionally, Learners will no longer be able to join the Group. This will avoid confusion if a new Learner accesses a new Group. Archiving Groups is a best practice.

To archive your Group, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to your Group page
  2. Select the Admin dropdown, then select Manage Group
  3. Select the 6th tab, Delete/Archive
  4. Select the red Archive this Group button

Once archived, your Group can be found in your Groups index, accessible from the top right corner of any page.