What is an Exercise in ApprenNet?

An Exercise is an interactive online learning experience that provides a place for Learners to do the following:

  1. Learn by Doing;
  2. Learn from Peers; and
  3. Learn from Experts.

Each Exercise can include all or some of the following learning stages:

Challenge (Learn by Doing)

In this first stage, Learners watch a video presenting a skills Challenge and respond to the prompt by submitting a video. Since all Learners are responding to the same Challenge, subsequent conversation via Peer and Expert review about the particular skill is rich and meaningful to all Learners. Some Exercises require Learners to also submit a document.  

Peer Review (Learn from Peers)

During the second stage, Learners or sometimes other designated Reviewers review Submissions, leave written feedback for each Submission, and either complete a rubric on one Submission or vote between a pair of Submissions.  

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Expert Response (Learn from Experts)

During the third learning stage, Learners watch an Expert's demonstration and discussion of the relevant Challenge.

Recap (Learn from Peers & Experts)

After the Exercise is completed, Learners read Expert feedback to select Submissions (if applicable), see all Peer feedback to Submissions, and see the top ranked Submissions from the Exercise.

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