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How do I create an Exercise in ApprenNet?

To see an in-depth breakdown of creating an Exercise visit this article

You can create an Exercise from one of three places: 1) your Group page; 2) your Dashboard; or 3) your Exercises tab. We recommend the first option.

First Option: To create an Exercise from your Group page, simply access one of your Groups (or create a Group) and then select Create an Exercise (if it is the first Exercise in your Group) or Add a new Exercise (if it is an additional Exercise to your Group).

Second Option: To create an Exercise from your Dashboard, log in to your ApprenNet account and on your home page, select Create an Exercise.

Third Option: To create an Exercise from the Exercises tab, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Exercises tab (located in the upper right corner of each page);
  2. Select Create a New Exercise

Once you select Create an Exercise or Add a new Exercise, you will see the create an Exercise page. Here, you are initially asked to answer/complete the following set-up steps:

  • What do you want to call your Exercise?  
  • Which Group will participate in this Exercise? All Exercises must be assigned to a Group. Either assign your Exercise to an old Group or create a new Group here.

After the initial set up, you will be asked to configure the learning stages of a Exercise: Challenge, Peer Review, Expert Response, and Recap. There are helpful hints on how to configure each stage on the Exercise creation web page. Select the question bubbles to read these hints.