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How do I create a rubric for my Exercise in ApprenNet?

To configure Peer Review to include a rubric, first follow these three steps:

  1. Visit the Exercise edit page
  2. Select the Peer Review stage
  3. Under What form of feedback would you like Users to give? select Complete a rubric and leave written feedback
Click Rubric icon

This is what a rubric review will look like to your Learners. Learners are shown one video Submission at a time and complete a rubric after watching the video. They can also leave timestamped feedback.

You configure rubric review on the Edit Exercise page. You can include as many questions as you would like with as many answer options as you would like. We recommend including one to three questions with no more than five answer choices for each question. A limited number of question and options helps you focus the Exercise on a discrete sub-skill, helps Learners provide each other with more specific, actionable feedback, and provides a Learners with more seamless user experience.

Once you've opted for a rubric, follow these steps:

  1. Under Rubric Builder, design the first criterion you want Reviewers to analyze
  2. Configure options to respond to the first criterion and include weights for each option (You can add as many options as you would like by selecting + Add another option)
  3. To add another criterion, select +Add another criterion
  4. After adding all the criterion you would like, select the blue Update Preview
  5. Scroll to see what your rubric will look like to Reviewers