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How do I add an Expert Response in ApprenNet?

To add an Expert Response, follow these steps:

  • Select the relevant Exercise
  • Select Admin and select Edit Exercise
  • Under the Expert Response stage, select Yes under Will this Exercise include an Expert Response?
  • Select Update Exercise
  • From the Exercise page select the Admin dropdown and then select Manage Expert Response.

Here you can record and upload an Expert Response yourself or you can copy and paste the URL link to invite an outside Expert to share their expertise via video. The following explains each process.

Record your own Expert Response

  • Scroll to the bottom of the Manage Expert Response page
  • Either record yourself from your browser or upload a pre-recorded video
  • Select the green Save Expert Response button

Request an outside Expert to Share his or her Expertise

  • Copy and paste the link on the Manage Expert Response page
  • Email that link to an outside Expert. Below offers suggested language for your email request:

Hello! I would like to ask you to provide an Expert Response for my ApprenNet Exercise. ApprenNet Exercises ask Learners to record a video response to a skills challenge and critique other Learner responses to the prompt. After going through those two stages, Learners unlock access to an Expert's response to the Challenge. By comparing their response to that of an Expert, my Learners can self identify their strengths and weaknesses and ultimately adapt their practice. The skills challenge I assigned is [Insert Description of your Challenge]. I'd love for you to share how you would demonstrate that skill. If you'd like to share, please follow these steps:

  • Follow this link: [INSERT LINK]
  • Create an ApprenNet Account or Login
  • Select the green Confirm button
  • Watch the Challenge video
  • Either record an Expert Response directly from the ApprenNet site or upload a pre-recorded Expert Response
  • Optional - Provide notes to appear under the Expert Response (e.g. Provide your name, title and link to a biography page)
  • Select the green Save Expert Response button
  • For tips on how to create an excellent Expert Response, read this blog post

Thank you!


If your Expert agrees to share his or her expertise, this is what they will see when they follow your instructions above:

  • Login page
  • Confirmation page
  • The Expert Response request page shows the Challenge video first
  • After the Expert watches the Challenge he or she can provide notes about themselves or the Challenge
  • The Expert can choose to record from his or her browser using the Record button or upload a pre-recorded file using the File Upload button
  • Once the video is recorded, the Expert will select the green Save Expert Response button and the video will appear under the Expert Response stage in your learning Exercise