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What does it mean to create a Reviewer Only Exercise in ApprenNet?

In certain instances, you may want to forego peer review and opt for another group of people to review Submissions (e.g. managers). If this is the case, you can create an Exercise that is a Reviewer Only Exercise. The following knowledge base article explains how you can set this up.

Before you can invite outside Reviewers to review your Exercise, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Exercise Creation page by selecting the gray dropdown Admin button (upper right corner of an Exercise page)
  • Select Edit Exercise
  • Visit the Peer Review section of the Exercise Creation page
  • Under the question Who will give feedback? select Reviewers Only and then save your work by selecting the green Update button.
Select Feedback users

Determine to set up the review as either a rubric review or a list. To learn more about creating a rubric, read this article. To learn more about about list Submissions, read this article.

Once the Exercise is set up, you can invite Reviewers to evaluate Submissions. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Select the Admin dropdown
  • Select Manage Reviewers
Click Manage Reviewers link

On the Manage Reviewer page, you will see a link. Copy this link and then email it to selected Reviewers.

When Reviewers visit the link, they will be asked to log in or create an account, confirm the Exercise they are reviewing, and then will be taken to an Evaluate page.

Here, they will be presented with the Challenge video and a list of Submissions to review. By selecting the green Review Now button next to each Learner's name, the Reviewer will see a video Submission and can start the review process.

Click Evaluate Now button

Note: When you set up a Reviewer Only Exercise, Learners will not be able to participate in Peer Review. As a result, Learners will see an Exercise that only includes the Challenge stage, Expert Response stage (assuming you include an Expert Response), and the Recap stage.