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How do I set up a self-paced Exercise in ApprenNet?

To set up a self-paced Exercise, you must pre-populate your Exercise with existing Submissions. Instructors choose to do this so that their Learners can complete an Exercise in one sitting (i.e. they do not have to wait for others Learners to submit before they can participate in Peer Review).

To add example Submissions to an Exercise, first create the Exercise and then navigate to the Admin dropdown. Select Manage Example Submissions.

On the Manage Example Submissions page, you can submit example video Submissions by using either our Web Recorder, Desktop App, Mobile App, or File Upload options.

After you create a Submission, it will automatically be labeled "Example Submission 1." You cannot change the names of these example Submissions. Subsequent Submissions will be titled "Example Submission 2," "Example Submission 3," etc...

Example Submissions appear in Peer Review as Learner Submissions would. However, Example Submissions will not appear in the Top Reviewed Submissions list on the Recap stage. They will also not appear in Reports. If, however, a Learner reviews an Example Submission, Reports will reflect that that Learner reviewed a Submission.