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What email notifications are sent to Learners and how can a Learner manage notifications in ApprenNet?

Learners will receive six types of email notifications. The following defines each notification, shows you what Learners see when they receive notifications, and instructs you how to manage two of the five notifications.

Notification Definitions

  • Stage Notifications
    • Stage refers to the Challenge, Peer Review, Expert Response, and Recap stages of an Exercise. If you set start and end dates for your learning stages, then Learners will receive emails at these time intervals: 1) 24 hours before a stage opens; 2) as soon as the stage opens; and 3) 24 hours before the stage closes (Learners that have already completed the stage will not receive this last stage notification).
    • Note that Instructors and Admins can turn off Stage notifications for a particular Exercises by clicking the Exercise "Admin" drop-down button, selecting "Edit Notifications" and de-selecting "All Stage Notifications".
  • Completion Report Notification
    • If you include an end date for your Exercise, your Learners will receive an email telling them what stages they completed and if you included a Top Reviewed list, the results of this list will appear in the completion report notification.
    • Note that Instructors and Admins can turn off Completion Report notifications for a particular Exercises by clicking the Exercise "Admin" drop-down button, selecting "Edit Notifications" and de-selecting "Completion Report Notifications".
  • Feedback Notifications
    • Every morning we collect data on feedback each person received on his or her Submission as well as feedback received in a discussion thread the Learner participated in. At 8am EST, we send automatic emails to 24 hours before. We include links in the email to encourage the Learner to read the new feedback and continue discussions on their skill practice.
  • Video Processing Notifications
    • Each time a Learner records and uploads a video, he or she will receive an email alerting to the processing result. Due to bad connectivity, some videos do not process. We implemented this email to alert Learners whether or not their video processed. If videos do not process (which is becoming more and more rare), the Learner will be directed back to his or her video so that she or he can re-upload the video when they have a stronger connection.
  • Learning how to navigate ApprenNet Notifications
    • As part of onboarding process, we send emails alerting new Learners how to navigate ApprenNet to ensure the best learning experience. These emails include the following:
    • Unlocking Peer Review: When a Learner submits to his or her first Exercise, he or she will receive an email sharing tips on how to give their peers actionable, specific, meaningful feedback.
    • First Time Receiving Feedback: The first time a Learner receives feedback on his or her Submission, he or she will receive a notification from ApprenNet. After this first alert, Learners receive an email aggregating all feedback they received on their Submission as well as on Submissions that they provided feedback to during Peer Review (see Feedback Notifications above).
  • User Triggered Notifications
    • Learners receive emails due to certain User actions. The following outlines these types of emails:
    • Deadline Extension Grant: Instructors can grant Learners 24 hour deadline extensions to submit to the Challenge stage. If an Instructor grants this extension, the individual student will receive an email alerting him or her to the extension deadline.
    • New Account Created: If an Instructor bulk imports Learners into his or her Group or an Instructor adds an individual Learner to his or her Group, the Learner will get an email notifying him or her of this action.
    • App Link: If a Learner wants a link to download the ApprenNet app, he or she can click on the message that notes "Email me a link to the app." Upon doing so, ApprenNet will send the Learner an email with a link to the app.
    • LTI: If a Learner is accessing ApprenNet via his or her LMS through a LTI integration, the Learner will receive an email from ApprenNet when a new ApprenNet account is created for the Learner from an LTI launch.

Note on Managing Notifications

All notifications are defaulted on. As an Instructor, you can manage (i.e. turn on or off) two of these notifications: Stage and Completion Report Notifications.

Learners can manage all notifications (except user triggered notifications) by visiting the Settings option located in the dropdown box under their email (this article tells Learners how they can manage their notifications).

Manage Stage & Completion Report Emails

Visit your Exercise and select Admin (located in the top right corner). Then select Edit Notifications

As an Instructor, you will receive an email alerting you to when your Learners receive Stage and Completion Report emails.