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What email notifications will Instructors receive in ApprenNet?

As an Instructor, you will receive two types of email notifications: 1) User Triggered Notifications; and 2) Learn to Navigate ApprenNet Notifications. The following Knowledge Base article explains the different notifications.

User Triggered Notifications

Instructors receive three email notifications that are triggered by different Users:

  1. Reportable Content or Feedback Flags: Any User can flag either a video Submission or a feedback comment. In doing so, the User is prompted to explain why he or she is flagging the media. After typing the reason, the User submits the report. At this point, the Instructor who created the Group is alerted via email of the flagged content. The Instructor is given instructions on how he or she can handle the situation. They can review the content and decide to keep it live for other Users to see or to remove the content from the Group view. Doing the latter will not remove the content from reports. The content will be accessible by Instructors only in the event they need documentation of the content.
  2. Feedback Alert: When a User responds to feedback you provided, ApprenNet will send you an email notifying you that your feedback received a response.
  3. Added to a New Group: If another Instructor adds you to his or her Group, ApprenNet will send you an email alerting you to this action and give you directions on how to access that particular Group.
  4. Stage Notifications: If you add timelines to your Exercise (i.e. due dates for each stage), your Learners will receive emails alerting them to openings and closings of each stage (see this Knowledge Base article for more information). You will also receive emails alerting you to stage deadlines.

The following is an example email notification when you are notified of feedback you received to feedback you gave a Learner.  

Learn to Navigate ApprenNet Notifications

Instructors receive three email notifications that are designed to help you navigate the platform. The notifications include the following:

  1. Configuration Help: Our authoring tools allow you to create your own Exercises. Sometimes when building an Exercise, especially your first Exercise, you miss certain configurations. If there are things that you missed that we think may improve your Exercise, we will send you an email alerting to you those things.
  2. First Submission Alert: The first time a Learner submits to your first Exercise, ApprenNet will send you an email alert that indicates how you can view that Submission. This email only happens once. The second, third, and hopefully many other submissions will be submitted without alerting you.
  3. Rubric Results Alert: After the Peer Review stage closes for the first Exercise you build that includes a rubric, ApprenNet will send you an email and guide you on how to find your Reports so you can analyze Peer Review results.

How can you manage notifications?

You can edit your email notifications by following these steps:

  • Visit ApprenNet
  • Select your email at the top of the page
  • Select Profile
  • Select Edit Profile
  • Select Email Notifications
  • Edit your notifications and select Update