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How can Learners self-reflect on ApprenNet?

At the moment, self reflection happens on the Expert Response stage. Here, Learners watch an Expert Response and then have the option to write a reflection on their own practice after practicing, engaging in peer review, and viewing the Expert Response.

The reflection is simply a text based response noting what the Learner thought of his or her response after watching the Expert Response video.

When a Learner saves his or her reflection, you, the Instructor, can find a log of the reflections in a Report. To access the Report, select the gray Report button in the upper right corner of the Exercise page, and then select Self Reflection Comments. From here you can search each individual's Learners self reflection.

Currently, the instructions on this page are general. They ask Learners to write a reflection commenting on their own practice. The instructions direct Learners to indicate their strengths and weaknesses. If you'd like to leave more specific instructions, simply add these instructions above the Expert Response video. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Select Admin (located in the upper right corner)
  2. Select Manage Expert Response
  3. Under Expert Notes leave specific instructions
  4. Select Save Expert Response

As a note, this is our first attempt of including a self reflection stage. Self reflection plays an integral part in a Learner's skill development. We plan to expand this functionality after receiving feedback on this first iteration. Please share any feedback to Thank you.