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How do I view timestamped feedback in ApprenNet?

During Peer Review, your Learners are able to add timestamped comments to their feedback to give discrete comments about their Peers' videos. In the Recap stage, you can view all feedback on each Submission, and timestamped feedback will appear when playing others' videos.

To see all timestamped feedback on a Submission, first navigate to the Submission page.

Here, all feedback from the Exercise is listed to the right of the video Submission.

When you play the Submission, timestamped comments disappear until you reach a point in the video when the timestamped comment is relevant.

When you reach a moment in the video that has a timestamped comment, the comment will automatically appear to the right of the video. Timestamped comments are indicated as tick marks in the video play bar and are highlighted in blue in the actual comment.

You can view all feedback regarding the Submission by selecting the Show all Comments button. This button appears only when the video is paused.