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How do I copy and reuse an Exercise in ApprenNet?

You can copy and reuse Exercises. If you have a course that recurs every semester or a monthly training, this is an easy way to replicate your Exercises without having to rebuild them from scratch. If you have a series of Exercises you would like to reuse, you can also easily copy an entire Group.

  • Visit the Exercise you would like to copy.
  • Select the Admin dropdown button in the top right corner of the Exercise page
  • Select Copy this Exercise
  • You've now created a copy of the existing Exercise. You can edit the Exercise from this page, and set your new timelines.
  • The copy of the Exercise defaults to be in the same Group it was originally built in. If you would like to move it to a new Group, select a different Group under the question Which Group will be participating in this Exercise?
  • Scroll to the bottom and select the green Update Exercise button

Note: You will need to update the dates and times for each stage to open and close if you copy the Exercise.