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How do I copy a LawMeets Library Template in ApprenNet?

To copy a LawMeets Exercise from the LawMeets Library, please do the following:

  • Make sure you have Instructor access for your school's ApprenNet Organization. If you are not an Instructor, please ask the person at your school in charge of the ApprenNet Organization to add you as an Instructor, or email if you do not know the right person at your school to contact.
  • Create a Group within your Organization. This article walks you through the process of creating a new Group.
  • Visit the LawMeets Library. If you are not a member of the LawMeets Library Group already, follow this link to join the library.
  • Follow the instructions in the Group to access the Exercises. You can search for specific Exercises in the search box.
  • Select the LawMeet template that you wish to copy.
  • Select your Organization (i.e. your school name) in response to "Select an Organization to copy this Template to."
  • Select a Group within the Organization to which you would like to assign your LawMeet.
  • Select the green "Copy this Template" button.
  • Now, a copy of the selected Exercise is in your Group. To customize the template with your own instructions and dates, select the "Admin" button at the top right-hand corner of the page and then select "Edit Exercise" from the drop-down menu. Be sure to select the green "Update Exercise" button to save your changes when you're finished editing.