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How do I evaluate Submissions in ApprenNet?

The following article outlines how to evaluate Learner Submissions.

  • Visit the relevant Exercise and select the Evaluate button.
  • The Evaluate page includes a chart with a column including all Submissions to the relevant Exercise as well as a column noting whether or not you evaluated specific Submissions and a column including your evaluation score for each Submission. Using the light blue and gray arrows above each column, you can sort columns.
  • In addition, you can display two additional columns. First, if multiple Instructors are evaluating Submissions in the relevant Exercise, you can display a column that shows the average Instructor score for each Learner. Second, you can display the average Peer Review score.
  • To evaluate each Learner, simply click the Evaluate Now button next to each Learner's name. Upon selecting the button, a pop-screen appears with the Learner's submission and the rubric for you to evaluate the Submission. You can also leave written, time-stamped feedback. You can choose whether to make your written feedback private or public.
  • After evaluating one Submission, you can do the following:
  • First, you can select the Next button. This saves your evaluation and advances you to the next Submission.
  • Second, you can select the Save button. This saves your Submission, but does not advance you to the next Submission.
  • Finally, you can select the X button at the top-right corner of the screen. This will close the pop-out screen and take you back to the Evaluate page.
  • On each individual Submission you can select the grey View Peer Feedback button. This takes you to a separate tab that shows rubric results and written feedback for that specific Learner.
  • When you are viewing an individual Submission, you can return to the Evaluate page by selecting the X button. Here, you will see which Submissions you evaluated and which Submissions still need to be evaluated.