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How do I assign specific Submissions for others to review in ApprenNet?

You can assign Reviewers (e.g. managers or teaching assistants) specific Submissions to review. To do so, first navigate to your Exercise and select the Admin dropdown. Next select Manage Reviewers.

Note: You can only assign reviewers for Exercises that are set up with rubric in Peer Review.

Next, invite people to become approved Reviewers for your Exercise by sending them the Reviewer Invite link on the Manage Reviewers page. When these individuals follow the link, they will be asked to either log in or create an account and then confirm that they are a Reviewer for your Exercise.

Once individuals confirm that they are a Reviewer for your Exercise, you can assign them to review individual Submissions by selecting the Assign Learners to Reviewers button at the bottom of the Manage Reviewers page.

On the Assign Reviewers page, you will see a list with all of the Learners in your Group on the left, and a second list with all of the Instructors and Reviewers in your Group on the right.

Select the Learners you would to assign to be reviewed by a specific Reviews. Next, select the name of the Reviewers you would like review the selected Learners.

Select the green Assign Selected button. The selected Learners' Submissions will be assigned to that specific Reviewer.

You can assign whatever combination of Learners to Instructors as you'd like. Multiple Instructors can evaluate the same Learners.

If you want to remove a Learner assignment from an Instructor or Reviewer, simply select the blue X next to the Learner's name in the Instructor or Reviewer column.

Once you assign Learners, Reviewers can log in to evaluate their assigned Submissions. This article walks you through how Instructors or Reviewers with assigned Submissions can access and complete their reviews.