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Step I: Participating in your first Exercise in ApprenNet

Welcome! On ApprenNet you will join a learning Group (e.g. new employee group or your college course). Each Group includes a series of learning Exercises. Exercises can include all or some of following learning stages: Challenge, Peer Review, Expert Response, and Recap. Here is how each stage works:

  • Challenge: Watch a Challenge video and respond by recording and uploading a short video. The options to record your video are outlined here and easily accessible to the right of the Challenge video. Completing this stages unlocks access to Peer Review.
  • Peer Review: Observe a select number of peer responses to the Challenge and provide your peers with feedback. When providing written feedback, be sure to make use of the timestamped functionality. This allows you to give your peers specific, actionable feedback. Completing this stage unlocks access to Expert Response.
Peer Review
  • Expert Response: Watch a best practice video. Reflect on your own submission by comparing your response to an Expert's response and identify your strengths and weaknesses to help you adapt your practice. Watching this video in its entirety unlocks access to the Recap stage.

Recap: This page is primarily used for your Instructor(s) and other Expert(s) to provide your learning Group feedback. Your Instructor(s) can choose to displays the top peer-reviewed videos and/or they can feature select Learner Submissions. Instructors will provide feedback to these Submissions for all Learners to read and learn from. The Recap also aggregates all feedback and provides you a list of the Submissions you reviewed. Some Instructors will leave overall notes for an entire learning Group as well.

At the end of an Exercise, you can assess your skill development by reading feedback you received from your peers and possibly your Instructor(s) or other Expert(s). If your Exercise included a rubric review, you can see your rubric results. Rubric results indicate how your peers rated your performance. You can also see how you did in comparison to the Group average on certain criteria and if your Instructor reviewed you, you can see his or her assessment as well.

Review Results