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Logging in to ApprenNet using Blackboard

If you belong to an Organization that uses Blackboard, you should always access your courses through Blackboard (as opposed via

This article walks you through the process of logging into and using ApprenNet through your Blackboard course page.

Please note that many of the terms used below on Blackboard are customizable by your Instructor. If you are confused about finding the Blackboard page that has the link to ApprenNet, please reach out to your Instructor.

  • Visit your Blackboard Course Page
  • Select the Content button
  • Select ApprenNet
  • ApprenNet will now open in a new tab on your browser. Here you will have to create and verify your password. This is a one-time action that users only have to do when an account is created. Every subsequent login you will not have to enter your password.
  • You will then need to accept our Terms of Use.
  • Once you accept the Terms of Use you will be taken to your Group page where you can complete any active Exercises.
Group page
  • You will be sent an email that includes your username so you can log in to our Desktop and Mobile apps when recording.
Welcome email