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How do I create a Submission in ApprenNet?

There are four ways to submit a video response to an Exercise:

  • Desktop App: the Desktop App option allows you to remotely record and upload your submission outside of your web browser. The desktop app is less dependent on your internet speed and is the most reliable way to submit to an Exercise.
  • Web Recorder: the Web Recorder option allows you to record your response from your web-browser. We highly recommend using a Google Chrome web browser as we have found it provides the best user experience. For this choice, you need a webcam.
  • File Uploader: the File Uploader option allows you to upload an existing video file. See video files we accept here.
  • Mobile Recorder app: the Mobile Recorder option provides you with links to download the ApprenNet mobile apps on Android or iOS, where you can submit directly from your phone or tablet.