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How do I record my Submission with the mobile apps in ApprenNet?

This video walks you through the process of how to record your submission with the mobile app. Below are step by step instructions to walk you through the process as well.

There are four ways to submit a video response to the challenge:

  1. Desktop App
  2. Web Recorder
  3. File Uploader
  4. Mobile Recorder

Below outlines step-by-step instructions on how to download, record, and upload a video submission using the Mobile Recorder. The Mobile Recorder option provides links to download the ApprenNet mobile app on Android or iOS (Apple devices).

Note, the Mobile Recorder does not allow you to upload a document or participate in Peer Review or other stages. The Mobile Recorder is for submitting a Challenge response video only.


From the Challenge stage, select the blue Mobile Recorder link next to the Challenge video.

If you are on a mobile device select the App Store button for Apple devices or Google Play button for Android devices.

If you are on a computer, select Email Me A Link To The App button. From your mobile device, check the email account associated with your ApprenNet account. Look for an email from ApprenNet titled, "Here's a link to the ApprenNet mobile app!" and download the appropriate app for your device.

Click Email me a link to the app

Open the ApprenNet Mobile Recorder app and log in to your ApprenNet account with your email address and password. You will then see a list of your active Groups and, within these Groups, a list of active Exercises. Completed Exercises have a green check mark.

Click on the Exercise you would like to submit to.

Click selected exercise


Select the appropriate Exercise in the ApprenNet Mobile Recorder app to view the Exercise Challenge page. From here you can view the Challenge Video and any instructions.

Select Record Your Response.

Record your response

Your camera and audio will automatically launch or your device may require your permission to connect with the ApprenNet app.

You can now begin recording your Submission. Press the red button to begin and end recording.

Recording screen

After you record, you can do several things before you submit your video to the Exercise.

  1. Preview your Submission by by selecting the play button on your video.
  2. Re-Record your Submission by selecting the blue Re-Record button.
  3. Upload your submission by selecting the green Upload button.

Check to make sure you can view yourself and that your audio works before you upload.

Submission preview screen


Once you are satisfied with your video and are ready to submit, select the green Upload button. You will then see a status bar as your video is uploading to the Exercise. This process can take anywhere from 30 seconds to several minutes, depending on the file size as well as your internet speed.

Uploading submission screen

After your Submission has been uploaded a success message will appear on your screen. Select OK.

Successful upload message

You can now view your Submission by clicking the play button, or delete your Submission by selecting the blue Re-Record button. If you select Re-Record your previous recording will be deleted immediately.

If you do not wish to re-record your submission, you can move onto the Peer Review stage by returning to your computer or other device.

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