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How do I record my Submission with the Desktop App in ApprenNet?

This video walks you through the process of recording your submission with the Desktop App. Below are step by step instructions to walk you through the process as well.

There are four ways to submit a video response to the challenge:

  1. Desktop App
  2. Web Recorder
  3. File Uploader
  4. Mobile Recorder

You will see these options in the Respond to the Challenge section next to the Challenge video. Below outlines instructions on how to download, record, and upload a Submission using the Desktop App.

Please note that the Desktop App is currently only able to accept Submissions less than 9 minutes in length. If you would like to record a longer Submission, please see this article. Before you begin, check your System Compatibility and use a Google Chrome browser.


First, select Record with Desktop App. You will then be asked to Open My Recorder App! or Download the Desktop App. If it is already installed, open the application.

Installing the Desktop App

  1. Select the correct option for your operating system. Either Download the app for OSX or Download the app for Windows.
  2. Follow the instructions for installation and grant your computer any necessary permissions to complete the installation.
  3. Once installed, either select the blue Open the app button in your browser, or double-click on the app to open.

Recording your Submission

  1. Before you start recording, check to see if you appear on the screen and that your audio levels are working correctly.
  2. You can also change your recording settings by changing the available options for your Video Device and Audio Device. The default settings are optimal for recording.
  3. Select the Record button to begin recording
  4. Select the Stop button to stop recording

Check to make sure you can view yourself and that your audio works before you begin recording.

Preview audio and video

After you record, you can do several things before you submit your video to the Exercise.

  1. Preview your Submission by by selecting the circular arrow on your video.
  2. Re-Record your Submission by selecting the Re-Record button.

Select a previously recorded video instead of selecting the Record button, or after selecting the Re-Record button.

Click re-record button

If you are ready to submit your video, select the green Upload now button. Your video will then begin processing. Processing can take several minutes.

Click Upload Now button

Once your video has uploaded, select the green Close App & Return to ApprenNet Website button. Finally, select the green Submit to Exercise button on the Exercise page.

You will see a message that your video response is being processed. You can either Refresh to Check Status or Delete Submission.

When the video has finished processing you can view your Submission next to the Challenge video.

If your Exercise also requires a Document to be uploaded, do this after your video uploads by following the steps outlined here. If not, you can move onto the Peer Review stage.