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How do I delete my Submission in ApprenNet?

After submitting your response, you can view or delete your response to the right of the Challenge video. Please note that if the Challenge stage has closed, you will not be able to resubmit a video without an Extension.

Below your video there is a red Delete Submission button. Select this button to delete your video.

ApprenNet will ask you to confirm that you want to delete your Submission.  If no, select cancel. If yes, select OK and your video will be deleted.  

You can also delete from your Submission page. There are two ways to access the Submission page

1) Select View Submission details link on the Challenge stage (see image above, next to the red Delete Submission link).

2) From the email you received confirming the upload. This email is titled "Your ApprenNet Submission video has finished processing!" and there is a link within to access your submission. 

To delete the video submission from from the Submission page, click the red Delete Submission link located at the top, right corner of the page.