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How do I give meaningful feedback in ApprenNet?

During Peer Review, you will be asked to provide feedback to your peers. Feedback is critical in helping people develop their skills because it:

  1. Interrupts linear thinking,
  2. Prompts reflection, and
  3. Leads people to adjust their skill sets for the better.

But effective feedback is very hard to give, especially when you don't feel like you are an expert on the skill you are critiquing. Don't worry. The tips below will help guide you on giving feedback and ultimately help you help others.

  1. Start with a general observation that is as positive as it is justified. Tell your peer what is good and why. By starting positive, you’re making it more likely that your peer will listen to everything else you have to say.
  2. Provide two to three critiques that are as concrete and as detailed as possible. Specificity is key here; the least valuable feedback is “Good job!”
  3. Indicate the desired direction of change. One method to indicate a desired direction is to teach or instruct your peer by modeling; this will help your peer take necessary actions towards improvement.

We hope this helps. Again, effective feedback is very difficult to give. Give the above tips a try, and remember to be specific!