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How do I install the ApprenNet Desktop App on a Windows PC?

To install the Desktop App on your Windows PC or Laptop, follow these steps:

Visit the Exercise you need to submit to. On the challenge stage you will see several options for recording. Select the option that says Record with Desktop App.

Then, select the Download For Windows option.

When the launcher appears, select the button that says Launch Application.

You will be taken to the installer, you can choose which folder the ApprenNet App should be saved in, and then select the Install button. The installer will complete the installation.

You will return to the Desktop App launcher. Here you should now select Open the App to Record.

The app will automatically launch. This can take anywhere up to 30 seconds, depending on the strength on your internet connection. When the app launches, you will be able to see yourself on screen, and also see a green audio bar along the side, indicating that your video camera and microphone are both working.

To record, select the green Record button underneath the video screen.

After recording. You will hit the stop button. Then you can replay your video submission, redo it, or submit it to the Exercise.

After the video completes uploading, you will be able to close the Desktop App and return to the Exercise.