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What's the best way to submit my video in ApprenNet?

The most reliable way to submit to an ApprenNet Exercise is to use our desktop app or mobile apps. 

Why? Using an app versus using a webcam recorder is a much simpler process. 

When you record a video using our webcam recorder, there are more components that need to be utilized on your computer. You need to have your webcam and driver properly installed. You need to have a microphone, a microphone driver, and it has to be properly selected in Flash. Once that's all set, you need to have very high speed internet. Why? When you record in the webcam recorder, your video is continually sent to the server as it's recording. When it's done we put all the packets together and turn it into a video. If your connection is slow, you're in trouble. You can lose your recording, or your audio and picture may not align. 

Things are much less complicated when you use one of our apps. You don't need to worry about drivers, selecting the microphone, etc. Even if your internet is slower, our apps are able to record your video on your desktop or phone and upload it later when you have better connectivity. You can learn more about our desktop and mobile from the links below.

Learn more about the desktop app

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