ApprenNet Glossary


  • Organization - An Organization in ApprenNet contains all Users, Groups, and Exercises for a single institution (e.g. higher education institution or school district) or company.

  • Group - A Group in ApprenNet is like a 'course' or 'section'. A Group usually contains multiple Exercises. Learners join a Group to participate in a series of Exercises. 

  • Exercise - An Exercise is a learning experience an Instructor creates for his or her Learners that include some or all of the following learning stages:  a Challenge stage, a Peer Review stage, an Expert Response stage, and a Recap.

  • Submission - A Submission is a Learner's response to the Challenge stage of an Exercise. Each Learner submits his or her own Submission.

User Types:

  • Organization Administrator - The Organization Admin is the person who manages the entire ApprenNet Organization. This person can add Users of all types, create Exercises, create Groups, and more. This is the person you should reach out to if you are having trouble.

  • Instructors - An Instructor is the User that creates and manages Exercises for a specific cohort of Learners (e.g. class of students or group of employees). The Instructor is usually a professor or trainer. Instructors can only manage Learners and Exercises in Groups they have created or have been invited to.

  • Learners - A Learner is anyone that participates in an Exercise by creating a Submission. A Learner is often a student or employee.

  • Experts - An Expert is a person who creates an Expert Response video.

  • Reviewers - A Reviewer is a person who evaluates submissions by invitation from an Instructor.

Learning Stages:

  • Challenge - Instructors create a Challenge video and Learners respond by recording and uploading a short video. Completing this stages unlocks access to Peer Review.

  • Peer Review - Learners observe a pre-selected number of peers responding to the Challenge and provide them feedback. Outside Reviewers can also submit feedback during this stage. Completing this stage unlocks access to Expert Response.

  • Expert Response - Learners watch a best practice video. This video is created by either the Instructor, or can be outsourced to a different Expert. Watching this video in its entirety unlocks access to the Recap of the Exercise.

  • Recap - Learners can watch the top peer-reviewed videos or featured videos determined by the Instructor and read feedback to all Submissions. All Users see aggregated feedback and the list of the videos they reviewed.