Bridge (en)Practice Guide - Everyone Else IntegrationsHow do I create a Practice exercise in Bridge?

How do I create a Practice exercise in Bridge?

You can add a Practice exercise to a new Bridge program or to a previously-created Bridge program using an LTI integration. When a Practice exercise is added to a Bridge program, learners can complete the Practice exercise within the Bridge interface. Before enabling a Practice LTI integration in Bridge, you must contact your organization's CSM (client success manager) to activate a paid Practice subscription. Once your Practice subscription is active, your CSM will share a document with you that contains directions on how to enable the Practice LTI integration in Bridge.


  • Currently, Practice scoring data is not available in Bridge.
  • Users that access Practice through an LTI integration will not receive email notifications from Practice.

Add Learning Content

Navigate to the Bridge Program Editor and click the Add Learning Content icon.

Add Practice Exercise

Click the Practice icon to add a Practice exercise.

View Practice LTI Linker

The Practice LTI Linker page opens in Bridge. You must create a Practice group and Practice exercise in order to add an exercise to a Bridge program.

Select Practice Group

If you created a Practice exercise before logging into Bridge, click the name of the group [1] that contains the exercise you would like to add to the Bridge program. If you did not create a Practice exercise before logging into Bridge, create an exercise and add it to a group by clicking the Library button [2].

Create LTI Link

Click the name of the Practice exercise you want to add to your Bridge program [1] and then click the Create LTI Link button [2].

Save Program Object

Click the Save button.

View Practice Exercise in Program

Your Practice exercise is now added and linked to your Bridge program. You can view your active Practice exercise in the Bridge Program Learning Content editor.