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How do I request an assessment as an employee?

As an employee, you can request peer assessments to gauge your mastery of the job skills assigned to your job title.  

Open Assessments Page

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Assessments link.

Request Assessment

On the Assessments page, to ask a peer to assess your skills, click the Request Assessment button.

Add Assessment Details

Enter a name for the skill assessment [1].

Select one or more skills that you would like to include in the assessment [2].

To provide context around the assessment, select an industry standard from the Assessment Standard [3].

To choose the employees you would like to complete the assessment, click the Add Assessors button. Search or select the names from the Assessors menu [4]. Then click the Done link [5].

Send Assessment

Send Assessment

Click the Send Assessment button.

Assessors will be notified of the pending assessment. Depending on your organization's preferences, assessments can be due one to four weeks after the assessment is sent. All feedback is anonymous and can be reviewed by you and your manager.