Bridge (en)Employee Guide CareerHow do I add future roles in the Career Everest page as an employee?

How do I add future roles in the Career Everest page as an employee?

As part of your career development plan, you can search and add the future roles in your Career Everest page to provide meaningful growth opportunities as you progress towards the peak of your career.

This should be completed after you add your career drivers, complete the Daily Activities exercise, and add desired skills.

Open Career Everest

In the My Career page, click the Everest link.

Open Future Roles

Click the Future Roles arrow icon.

Search for Future Roles

In the Search for a role field [1], begin typing the role name to populate a list of roles. To add a future role to your Career Plan, click the name of the role [2].

Add Custom Role

If the role you want to add is not in your organization's role list, you can create a custom role. To create a custom role, enter the role name in the search field [1] and click the Add link [2].

Note: Custom roles that you create will appear in role searches performed by all members of your organization.

View Added Future Role

Describe how the role relates to your career by entering text in the text box [1]. Your responses are saved automatically. To delete a job role, click the Delete icon [2].

To add another skill, click the Add Job Role link [3].

To return to your desired skills, click the Skills link [4].

To return to the Career Everest page, click the Climb Up link [5].

View Future Roles in Career Everest

View your future roles in the Career Everest page.