Bridge (en)Employee Guide AgendasHow do I view my 1on1 agenda history as an employee?

How do I view my 1on1 agenda history as an employee?

On the Agenda History page, you can view and search for past 1on1 agenda items.

Open 1on1 Page

In the Global Navigation menu, click the 1on1 link.

View 1on1 Page

In the agenda drop-down menu, select the Check-in option [1] or the Performance Conversation option [2]. Then click the View Agenda button [3].

View 1on1 Agenda

View your 1on1 check-in agenda [1] or your 1on1 performance conversation agenda [2].

Open 1on1 Agenda History Page

To view the 1on1 Agenda History page, click the More Options icon [1] and then click the History link [2].

View 1on1 Agenda History Page

View your previously completed 1on1 agendas. All 1on1 agendas are listed in chronological order. Click a date to view another 1on1 agenda [1]. Performance conversation agendas will display a PC badge next to the date [2].

To search for past agenda items, enter search terms in the Search field [3].

To return to your active 1on1 agenda, click the Back to Agenda link [4].

Export Performance Conversation Agenda

You can export a performance conversation agenda from your 1on1 Agenda History page as a PDF file. To export your agenda, click the Export icon.

Note: Exporting an agenda as a PDF is only available for performance conversations, not 1on1 check-ins.