Bridge (en)Author Guide ProgramsHow do I use the Programs page?

How do I use the Programs page?

The Programs page shows you all of your programs in Bridge.

Note: Some features may be restricted based on permissions for your user role.

Open Application Switcher Menu

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Application Switcher icon [1]. Then, click the Author menu option [2].

Note: The Global Navigation menu may differ depending on what is enabled in your account.

Open Programs

In the Author menu, click the Programs link.

View Programs

View Programs

On the Programs page, you can view the name of each program [1]. If a program has been published, you can view the number of active courses and the number of unfinished users in the program [2].

Programs that have not been published include a draft status [3].

Filter Programs

Filter Programs

In the Search field [1], you can search for all programs in the account.

In the Sort & Filter menu [2], you can sort programs based on your preferences:

  • Sort by newest programs, updated programs, or alphabetically by name
  • Filter by unpublished programs and programs with no user enrollments


Manage Programs

Manage Programs

To edit a program, click the name of the program [1].

To add a program, click the Add New Program button [2].

To delete a program, locate the program and click the Remove icon [3].