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How do I view live training details?

On the live training details page, you can view and edit details for a training. You can also view details about your users.

Note: Some features may be restricted based on permissions for your user role.

Open Application Switcher Menu

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Application Switcher icon [1]. Then, click the Author menu option [2].

Note: The Global Navigation menu may differ depending on what is enabled in your account.

Open Live Trainings

In the Author menu, click the Live Trainings link.

Open Live Training

On the Live Trainings page, click the name of a training.

View Live Training Details

On the live training details page, you can view all details for your training.

To create a description for your training, enter a description in the text field [1]. To send a message to all users in your live training, click the Message icon [2].  

To view the Expiration settings and Learning Library status, click the More Settings link [3].

View Live Training Settings

You can add categories [1], add tags [2], enable the expiration of the live training [3], and configure Auto Re-Enroll options [4].

View Sessions

The live training details page also lets you manage user details in your training. By default, the training details page shows the Sessions tab [1].

In the Sessions tab, you can filter the sessions that display on the page by upcoming sessions, full sessions, empty sessions, and sessions that include a web conference [2]. A notification banner displays if there is an hour or less before a session begins or if it began in the last hour [3]. From the notification banner, you can launch the webinar link (if applicable) or visit the session Attendance page. 

You can view the date of a session [4], the start and end session times [5], the instructor name [6], the location [7], the number of users who have registered for a session [8], and the number of available seats [9]. You can also view whether the session has a sharable registration link [10] or has web conferencing enabled [11].

Manage Sessions

To add a session, click the Add Session button [1].

To view registered users or take attendance, click the Session Options icon [2]. In the menu that appears, click the Learners link [3]. To view and copy the sharable registration link, click the Link link [4]. To edit session details, click the Edit link [5]. To remove a session, click the Delete link [6].

To take attendance for concluded sessions, click the Attendance button [7].

View Users

View Learners

The Learners tab shows any users enrolled in your live training, including the user's name [1] and registered session [2].

Sort Users

Sort Learners

By default, users are sorted by name. However, you can click any column header to sort your users by name or session. An arrow next to the header will show your selected sorting column. You can sort in ascending or descending order.

Manage Users

Manage Learners

To view details about a user, click the name of the user [1].

To find a new user to add to the live training, click the Add Learner button [2].

Users can be removed as long as the user has not completed the live training. To remove a user, locate the user and click the Remove icon [3]. You can also remove users from individual sessions.

Note: If a user has not completed the live training but cannot be removed, the user was added to the live training through a group. The only way to remove the user is to edit the user's group or remove the entire group from the live training. See the Groups tab to identify the user's group.

View Groups

The Groups tab shows any groups enrolled in your training, including the group name [1], relevance setting [2], and number of members [3]. Any groups added to your training automatically display all the group users in the Learners tab.

Note:  If you add a group to a live training using the Relevance column, the live training will display in the All Others tab of the group members' Learning Library.

Manage Groups

To view users in a group, click the name of the group [1].

To find a new group to add to the live training, click the Add Group button [2].

To remove a group, locate the group and click the Remove icon [3].

View Attachments

View Attachments

The Attachments tab shows any attachments added to the training, including the attachment name [1], the date when the attachment was last modified [2], and the attachment visibility [3].

Manage Attachments

Manage Attachments

The user visibility of each attachment in the training can be toggled on or off. When the For Learners button is toggled off [1], the file can not be viewed by users in the training. When the For Learners button is toggled on [2], the file will be viewable to users.

To have users receive the attachments after they have completed the live training, select the Upon Completion availability option [3].

To have users receive the attachments once they have registered for a live training session, select the Upon Registration availability option [4].

Attachments can be downloaded by clicking the Download icon [5]. To delete an attachment, click the Remove icon [6].

View Affiliated Accounts

If viewing the live training details in a top-level account, the Affiliated Accounts tab will be shown [1]. All subaccounts within the top-level account will be listed. The search field can be used to filter through subaccounts [2]. You can toggle live training access on and off by using the Live Training Access toggle button [3]. Granting access to a subaccount will allow admins of that particular subaccount to manage enrollments of that live training and track user progress in their subaccount.

Note: The Affiliated Accounts tab will not be visible when the live training details are being viewed within a subaccount.