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How do I upload Bridge Studio media in a course?

As an author, you can upload video or audio files to Bridge Studio either through the Add button or by dragging and dropping into the My Uploads page. After a media file is uploaded, you can manage all controls and settings.

You can bulk upload multiple specific media files at a time. The maximum file size for a media file upload is 10 GB. Learn more about supported file formats.


  • Some features may be restricted based on permissions for your user role
  • As an author, you need access to the Studio LTI tool to use the My Uploads page. Contact your organization admin for access. 

Open Admin Page

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Application Switcher icon [1], then click the Admin option [2].

Open Studio

In the Tools menu [1], click the Studio link [2].

Upload Media

To upload a video or audio file, you can drag and drop the file into Studio, or you can click the Add icon.

Add Media File

Add Media File

After you click the Add icon, you can drag and drop file(s), browse for files, or add a YouTube video.

To select files to upload, click the Browse Files button [1], locate and select the file(s) on your computer [2], and click the Choose or Open button [3].

Add YouTube Video

Add YouTube Video

To add a YouTube video, copy and paste the YouTube link into the URL field [1] and click the Add button [2].

View Progress Bar

View Progress Bar

The progress bar displays the upload status of your media file.

View Media

View Media

When the media has finished uploading and processing, you can view your media by clicking the media.

Manage Media

When you upload media, you have access to all controls and settings. You can share the media or get a public link or embed code [1], download the media [2], delete the media [3], add captions [4], and edit details and tags [5].

Once users view your media, you can view their comments [6] and review user analytics [7].