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How do I create a smart group?

In Bridge, you can create a smart group for your users. A smart group is a dynamically created group defined by rules, such as a specific department, title, or manager. Users are added to the group automatically according to the rule attributes. Once you create a smart group, you can add the smart group to a course or program.

Users who are added to a smart group are required to complete the courses or programs that are assigned to the group. However, if the user's profile changes, such as a change in department or title, the user's in-progress courses will become optional, and the user will be added to any courses and programs assigned to the user's new smart group.


  • Smart group attributes are created when adding or updating users with a CSV file.
  • Any new users added to your account that match the rule attributes of an existing smart group will automatically be added to the smart group, and to any courses in which the smart group is enrolled.
  • If you would rather add users to a group manually, learn how to create a group.
  • Some features may be restricted based on permissions for your user role.

Open Admin Menu

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Application Switcher icon [1]. Then, click the Admin menu option [2].

Note: The Global Navigation menu may differ depending on what is enabled in your account.

Open Manage Groups

In the Users and Permissions menu [1], click the Manage Groups link [2].

Create Smart Group

On the Groups page, click the Add New Group button [1]. Click the Add New Smart Group option [2].

Add Group Title

In the group title field, enter a name for your group.

Select Rule Attributes

In the operator drop-down menu [1], choose an operator for your smart group rules. These operators are defined as all or any. This lets you require users meet either all or any of the smart group rules.

In the attribute section, click an attribute to create your rule [2]. Attributes are pre-populated for your account by an admin and values are part of user profiles.



Select Limitation

In the rule field, select the limitation for the attribute. These limitations are defined as is or is not.

Note: The is or is not operators cannot be used together in the same rule.

Select Attribute Values

Attribute values are also part of a user's profile. In the Rule field [1], click the checkboxes of the values you want to include in the rule. To search for a value for an attribute, enter a search term in the Search field [2]. To see additional values, click the Show Next button [3]. When you are finished selecting rule values, click the Done link [4].

Create Additional Rules

To create additional rules, click the Add Another Field link [1]. To save your changes, click the Update Group button [2]. To discard your rule, click the Cancel button [3].

View Users

Bridge displays all the users in your account who you have added to the smart group.

Manage Group

To edit a rule, click anywhere in the Rule field [1]. To remove an existing rule, click the Remove icon [2].

Note: To add or remove a user, you must edit the rule(s) of the smart group.

Save Group

To save your changes, click the Update Group button.

View Group

View your smart group.

Remove Group

To remove the entire smart group, locate the smart group on the Groups page and click the Remove icon.

Note: Deleting a smart group also removes the users from any courses that added users via the smart group.

Confirm Remove

To confirm removal, click the Disband link.