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How do I use the Performance Conversation agenda as a manager?

As a manager, using Performance Conversation agendas allows you to have career and growth discussions with your employees to ensure their career paths stay a priority.


  • An employee cannot see what a manager writes in their half of the agenda until the manager starts the Performance Conversation.
  • A manager can preview their employee's half of the agenda before the Performance Conversation starts but only after completing their own half of the agenda.
  • Only a manager can start or complete a Performance Conversation.
  • A manager can start a Performance Conversation even if the employee has not filled out their half of the Performance Conversation agenda.

Open My Team Page

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Application Switcher icon [1], then click the My Team option [2].

Note: The Global Navigation menu may differ depending on what is enabled in your account.

View Performance Conversation Message

If your organization has scheduled Performance Conversations, you can begin creating Performance Conversation agendas for all your employees by clicking the Get Started button [1]. To create Performance Conversation agendas at a later date, click the Not Now link [2].

Open Performance Conversation Agenda

Open Performance Conversation Agenda

To view your Performance Conversation agendas, click the Performance Conversations tab [1]. If your employee has prepared and shared their half of the agenda, the checkmark next to their name will be filled [2]. To begin, click the View Agenda button [3].


  • If you need to create an agenda, a Create Agenda button is displayed. 
  • If you started creating an agenda but didn't finish, the Resume button is displayed.
  • You can close and resume the wizard at any time.

View Performance Conversation Agenda

Use the agenda to discuss your employee's achievements, plans for career growth and development, and anything else.

The Performance Conversation agenda includes an active Performance Conversation agenda [1], private notes [2], the option to switch between different types of agendas [3], and more options to view agenda history [4]. You can also preview your shared agenda [5] or start the Performance Conversation [6].

View Performance Conversation Agenda Items

View Performance Conversation Agenda Items

The active Performance Conversation agenda includes the prepared content from the Performance Conversation Wizard. You can also add goals, achievements, assessments, notes, and other agenda items as your discussion progresses. Your employee cannot see what you write in your half of the agenda until you start the Performance Conversation.

To collapse or expand the agenda content, click the Arrow icon.

Reorder Performance Conversation Agenda Items

Reorder Performance Conversation Agenda Items

You can use the drag and drop option to reorder collapsed agenda sections. Click the drag handle next to the section. Drop the agenda section in the desired location by releasing the cursor.

Start Performance Conversation

To start the Performance Conversation, click the Start Conversation button [1]. To confirm, click the Start button [2]. Once you start the Performance Conversation, your employee will be able to see your prepared agenda.

Complete Performance Conversation Agenda

After having your discussion, click the Complete Performance Conversation button. The agenda becomes read-only and is located in the agenda history page.